Aviation Unit Maintenance (AVUM) and Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AVIM) Manual for General Aircraft Maintenance (Sheet Metal Shop Practices) Volume 10 — TM 1-1500-204-23-10

Date Published: 31 July 1992

Categories: Aviation, US Army

This volume provides general information pertaining to the repair of aircraft metal structures. The application of techniques and materials on specific aircraft is not covered in this volume. Specific aircraft application and usage are found in the individual aircraft maintenance manuals. This volume is of maximum benefit to the mechanic who desires information about metals, metal-working tools and procedures, and airframe repair techniques This volume furnishes the mechanic a source of information about how to perform various mechanical functions which are used on all aircraft This volume is not a requisitioning authority, and applicable repair parts and special tools lists should be consulted to obtain the unit of issue and National Stock Number of the items required for maintenance.